Treating Cerebral Palsy with Stem Cells


Though there are not many institutions authorized to test stem cells in the United States, there is promising data coming from these researchers dealing with diseases like cerebral palsy. Researchers have identified that neonatal brain injury is one cause of cerebral palsy, so doctors in Europe are working on new treatments directly to the brain of infants with the hope of curbing this disease.

A new paper from those researchers outlines exactly what the procedure entails, including some of the common issues researchers must be careful over.

Current testing uses animal models to “predict” the behavior of stem cells in the human body. This is important because the animal model cannot perfectly duplicate conditions that exist in the human body. Researchers require multiple models to help approximate the impact of the therapy, and even with these models the outcome is uncertain.

At this point, research suggests that the most promising cells to help treat CP are the human cord blood cells and mesenchymal cells. These cells are also mostly available for human study, signaling that clinical trials may begin soon if they are not already under way.

There is also some work being done on the usage of intravenous injection methods. These tests would look at the safety and viability of this method, expanding the use cases of stem cells treating cerebral palsy.

New treatments are under development, using new technology that makes it possible to inject cells with minimal risk to the patient. Now the question is whether doctors can find the disease and treat it quickly enough to prevent it.

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Sasha Bakhru Explains Why Medicine Isn’t Herbal Anymore


If all medicine came from herbs, or at least that herbal medicine was effective, why don’t we rely on herbs? Pharmaceutical medicine has a bad reputation, deserved or not, for including harmful compounds that actually hurt patients. There are also the long lists of side-effects that today sound more like a run-on joke than a serious proposal for treatment. There are actually practical reasons why companies don’t rely on herbal remedies when they manufacture their treatments.


When penicillin was first introduced, pharmaceutical companies would grow large quantities of fungi, then put it through an extraction process. This had several effects:

  • Time needed to pass for the fungi to grow
  • Yield was low because the fungi was not always potent enough
  • The process was extremely expensive

When Pfizer introduced fermentation methods to produce penicillin, the process became much smoother and required less work and money.


Building from the penicillin example, it was not until the drug was synthesized that scientists actually figured out how to use the medication to attack certain kinds of bacteria. This synthesis led to aminopenicillins, which penetrate cell membranes to deliver their treatment.


When scientists use plant materials to treat a disease, there is no guarantee that the process will work as intended. The plants may have different concentrations of the active ingredient, leading to different outcomes based on patient sensitivity. The dosage must also be precise when there is a narrow therapeutic window.

Bio: This guest post is brought to you by medical researcher Sasha Bakhru. Sasha Bakhru conducts research on neural stem cells in rats.

Sasha Bakhru Details Important Milestones in Stem Cell Research


There is a misconception that stem cells are not present in the adult anatomy. In fact, stem cells are present throughout all stages of life, but scientists are beginning to discover that some of those cells are more potent than others. Those realizations have led to massive milestones in stem cell research and application.

Lou Gherig’s Disease

Breakthroughs in our understanding of how the brain works have helped us diagnose and treat diseases like Lou Gherig’s. Research from the United Kingdom details how scientists study motor neurons. Through observation of which cells are affected, it is hoped that researchers can pinpoint how affects the brain on a molecular level, and how to stop it.

Alzheimer Patients

Through the addition of chemical growth compounds, researchers from Chicago have discovered how to use stem cells to slow the progression of Alzheimers. It is hoped that this advance will empower doctors to perform cellular transplants to treat memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s.


Researchers in Wisconsin may have discovered how to use stem cells to rebuild parts of the eye. Researchers were able to create tissue similar to what is found in the human retina. This milestone helps us discover more about how our eyes work, and possible rebuild some of the functions lost to blindness.


Researchers from UCLA have mapped the human genome, leading to significant advances in the control and treatment of cancer. Knowing more about the genome lets scientists tap into the “nuts and bolts” of our bodies, controlling the development of cells through the induction of RNA.


Stem cells and bio-medical research are at an important moment. Technology has finally caught up to our way of thinking, and it is now up to researchers to turn this data into something actionable.

Author Bio: Sasha Bakhru contributed this post on stem cell research. Sasha Bakhru has an extensive background in neurological science, and has helped engineer drug delivery systems that can detect biochemical changes in the human body. 

Perosphere: An Important Contribution of Sasha Bakhru


Persophere Inc. is an important medical company to take note of.  Perosphere Inc. has been getting attention within the biomedicine and pharmaceuticals industries.  They are a specialty pharmaceuticals company that is determined to make a difference in the field of medicine today.

Perosphere was founded by a few brilliant scientists and researchers.  One of the scientists is Sasha Bakhru, a principal scientist and medical researcher.  Bakhru works for the organization in a few different roles.  Not only was he one of the co-founders, he also serves as the Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer.

Perosphere Inc. has a vision to make some big changes in the pharmaceuticals industry.  Currently, they are in the process of updating drug designs as well as the current drug delivery technology.  They are attempting to change “rescue” drugs.  Perosphere has obtained a few patents on their vital products and technology.  They also have various pending patents on their up and coming products.  Perosphere doesn’t settle for less than the highest quality chemicals available to be used in their products.

In addition to Bakhru’s role at Perosphere, he also works as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medical Science at BrownUniversity.  Bakhru has an extensive and an impressive educational background.  He completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr. Mathiowitz at BrownUniversity.  Prior to that, he earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from ColumbiaUniversity and his M.S.E from JohnHopkinsUniversity in Materials Science, as well as a Ph.D. from CarnegieMellonUniversity in Biomedical Engineering.

With people like Bakhru at the forefront of Perosphere, this pharmaceuticals organization is definitely a company to take note of.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Sasha Bakhru, the VP, CTO and Co-founder of Perosphere Inc.  Go to his website for more information.

The Critical Nature of Stem Cell Research


Author bio: Guest post is submitted by Sasha Bakhru, a leading scientist who works for the specialty pharmaceuticals company in stem cell research.  Browse his website for more information.

Stem cell research is completely changing the field of Bio Medicine.  Bio Medicine is constantly growing and expanding thanks to this new and very important research.  Stem cell research is allowing for advancements in medical treatments.  Today there are many medical treatments being offered that weren’t available before.  Millions of people all over the world are benefiting from this important research.

Stem cells, despite their important contributions to the well-being of the world, are considered controversial by many.  Many religions offer their opinions on the use of stem cells.  Some religions are okay with the use of stem cells, but only adult stem cells.  The use of embryonic stem cells continues to cause heated debates between various religious and scientific communities.  Many religious communities believe that using stem cells to save lives is a form of “playing God” which is why they have an issue with it.

Stem cells are a part of nearly every organ in the human body.  Stem cells are essentially pre-cells that have not yet transformed into their final form or function.  Stem cells can also be used outside the body in order to grow and develop the cells into new body parts.  Stem cells become part of the various organs in the body such as the brain, heart, blood, skin, and a myriad of others as well.

While there is a need for more extensive research in this field, existing studies have shown the incredible benefits of utilizing stem cells in medical treatments.

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When You Want To Learn About Stem Cells, Do Your Research


The most important thing that you can do in order to learn about something such as stem cells is to do your research.  What you want to establish is one or two resources that you can reliably go to and reach out to in order to really get an overall picture as well as a detailed picture of everything that you want to understand.  Gaining an understanding of complex topics can be greatly simplified when you have reliable resources that you can rest on to gain what you need in order to be successful in your journey for knowledge.

When you are looking for the proper sources for your learning of stem cells and other types of scientific topics, you want to really make sure you are going to be learning from someone with a resume of greatness in terms of knowledge, research, and the ability to write in a way that will help you learn.  When trying to find this type of resource of person, be sure to check out his or her resume to be sure that the qualifications are in place.  Qualifications will help ensure that you will be successful in your journal for knowledge in the short and the long run.

Article submitted by Sasha Bakhru.  If you are looking to learn about cells, and other biomedical topics, then you should really reach out to this great research. Sasha Bakhru is known for his incredible

Why Bio Medicine Relies on Stem Cells



There have been hundreds of vast improvements in the field of modern bio medicine in recent years.  It is truly astonishing! You might have even seen these changes happening in just the past few years.  It can be hard to believe how many new treatments are currently in existence. Basically, if there is not yet a cure for a particular disorder in the human body, you will probably see a solution coming down the pipeline very quickly.

The biggest contribution to science that has happened in the past few decades has been the use of a special type of tool that has revolutionized the way we study medicine. These tools are called stem cells.  Stem cells are cells found in the human body that can be directed to grow into any type of body part. Please check out Sasha Bakhru Google+ Profile if you have questions. Due to the use of stem cells, modern researchers are now capable of conducting experiments that would never have been possible in the past. Anyone who is curious to learn about the role of stem cells in helping boost our knowledge of medicine, should be sure to read the piece below.

You might first wonder what stem cells are. In order to truly understand exactly why stem cells are important, you must first understand their nature. The stem cells in your body are those that have not yet taken on their final form or function. Your body is made up of a number of different types of cells which are specifically tailored to each organ. For example, you have skin cells, brain cells, nerve cells, and even cells for digestion. Check out Sasha Bakhru Bio for more info. The stem cells, however, are the cells in their purest form — before they have claimed any specific purpose.

The use of stem cells is important because doctors and scientists can now experiment with different procedures on these stem cells, in order to find out what types of procedures will lead to stimulus for the stem cells. In addition, these cells will respond differently to different types of procedures.  This makes it possible to learn a lot more about the types of medical procedures that are possible before actually performing them.

Today, stem cells are used frequently in many crucial medical treatments all over the world.  The best treatments in bio medicine are those that deal with a natural cellular ability to heal the body. Stem cells can truly increase the level of health for a multitude of people. Please check out Sasha Bakhru blog if you have questions.

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